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ESG Reports and Goals

Our Commitment to the Future: Equity and Sustainability

BeiGene’s mission is to build the first next-generation biopharmaceutical company — one that expands the highest-quality therapies to more people around the world — through courage, persistent innovation, and challenging the status quo. Achieving our mission requires that we operate responsibly in all aspects of our business.

Our ambition is to be a leading corporate citizen, acting with courage, creativity, and discipline to ensure we are meeting the diverse needs of our stakeholders – from patients and colleagues to investors and our communities, as well as the environment. In 2021, we formalized our ESG function, led by a new Senior Director, Global Reputation and ESG Lead. We also launched a new ESG strategy and framework, Change Is the Cure, which will guide the development of goals and targets for our most material issues. We will provide ongoing updates about our efforts toward achieving our goals annually in our ESG Report.